Families are encouraged to pre-register for the Roundup on August 8th. Families that pre-register are guaranteed to school supplies.  Families that register onsite are not guaranteed school supplies.   To qualify and register for free school supplies, families must  visit a pre-registration location or register online, show proof they live in Tarrant County and meet the 2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines. Listed below are ways to show proof of qualification. Families can register for free school supplies online or by visiting a pre‑registration location throughout Tarrant County in the month of July.

Families who pre‑register will be given a voucher that will admit them into the Roundup and guarantee their school supplies on August 8.

The person who pre‑registers is not required to attend Roundup. In fact, the school supply voucher can be sent with any person to pick up the school supplies. Also, while children are encouraged to come enjoy the Roundup and take advantage of the many services available, their attendance is not required to pick up their school supplies.

Click Here to Pre-Register

Here’s what you will need to register:

Families must show 3 documents along with their completed registration form to qualify for school supplies. A picture ID, proof of Tarrant County residency and proof they meet the 2018 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Examples of what can be used for Picture ID:
You may use any one of the following:

  • Texas state driver’s license
  • Texas state identification card
  • Military identification card
  • Foreign consulate-issued identification (i.e. Matricula Consular)
  • School, Employer work identification card
  • Church ID card

Examples of what can used for Proof of Tarrant County Residency
You may use any one of the following:

  • May, June, or July 2019 utility bill (electricity, water, phone or gas) showing applicant name and current address.
  • Mail sent to applicant showing applicant name and current address, with a postmark from either May, June, July 2019
  • Letter from landlord or apartment management company, on company letterhead, indicating proof of residency during May, June, or July 2019

Examples of what can used for Proof of Income
Families applying for free school supplies must meet 2019 Federal Income HHS Poverty Guidelines.  You may present any of the following:

  • Paycheck stubs from May, June, or July 2019
  • Letter dated in May, June, or July 2019 on agency or company letterhead from an employer, welfare office, caseworker, or Social Security Administration Office indicating annual income and signed by an agent of the company or agency. Letter must include contact phone number for verification
  • Letter or card showing participation or enrollment in Medicaid, SNAP, unemployment, disability or school free lunch program

Documentation provided above may be a printed copy, an electronic copy or photo shown from a phone.

2019 Poverty Guidelines

2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines
Family Size Annual Monthly  Weekly
1  $          12,190  $          1,041  $          240
2  $          16,910  $          1,409  $          325
3  $          21,330  $          1,778  $          410
4  $          25,750  $          2,146  $          495
5  $          30,170  $          2,514  $          580
6  $          34,590  $          2,883  $          665
7  $          39,010  $          3,251  $          750
8  $          43,430  $          3,619  $          835